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07.23.03 Pervasive Melissa Widner, general partner, addressed attendees of the Zelos Group Pervasive 03 in Denver, Colorado. For more information, please visit www.pervasive03.com

06.12.03 Tom Huseby, Managing Partner, moderated a discussion sponsored by Intel Capital, Cascadia Capital and Ignition Partners about, "What it takes to make the Northwest the top performing VC region in the country." The invitation-only event was attended by the region's most prominent venture capitalists.

05.06.03 Melissa Widner, General Partner, addressed wireless industry executives as moderator of a panel comprised of executives from Microsoft, AT&T Wireless, Ericsson, and Pulse-Link. The panel discussed future wireless technologies and business models and the event was sponsored by the IBD Network. For more information, please visit www.ibdnetwork.com

03.19.03 Tom Huseby, Managing Partner, appeared on a plenary session about wireless investments as the only VC in a financial analysts roundtable discussion with Wall Street's leading analysts at CTIA, the preeminent wireless conference in North America.

02.27.03 Susan Sigl, General Partner, moderated a WSA panel that featured the winners of the Washington Software Association prestigious Annual Industry Achievement Awards¬ówinners included Classmates, AskMe, and Singlestep Technologies.

02.05.03 Tom Huseby, Managing Partner, emceed the WSA's 8th Annual Industry Achievement Awards. The event featured a keynote by former T-Mobile CEO John Stanton and appearances by Washington's leading technology companies.


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